Is Your Child Dealing with Discomfort In Their Ears, Nose, or Throat?


ENT Services

Children comprise a large part of an ENT practice. Young children are particularly susceptible to ear infections. At ENT surgery group, we have a great deal of experience in caring for children by providing services such as ear tubes, tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and hearing testing. Centered in Camp Hill, our ENT Surgery Group welcomes families from across Cumberland County and Central Pennsylvania.

We understand the complexities of dealing with kids — we’re here to keep them comfortable and resolve problems affecting them in their daily lives.

Pediatric Allergy Services

We provide patient-centered pediatric allergy care to identify and treat all allergic and immunological diseases. This includes environmental allergies that cause nasal congestion, itchy eyes, and skin rashes. We’re here to help your child manage symptoms over time to ensure the problem doesn’t continue.


Pediatric Audiology

Our pediatric audiology specialist evaluates and diagnoses all types of hearing disorders in children. We consider each patient’s abilities, including their language development levels, when determining which tests and potential treatment plan will be best for them.

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